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Who is Alisa Mote? Bio, Early life, Personal life, Husband, Divorce, Career, Net Worth, Social Media and More

Alisa Mote garnered attention not only as the former spouse of reality TV personality Kye Kelley but also through her own professional endeavors. While her association with Kelley undoubtedly contributed to her public recognition, Mote initially made a name for herself in the healthcare sector as a nurse. 

Despite the spotlight shining brighter on her personal life, Mote’s dedication to her profession remains a significant aspect of her identity. Beyond her relationship with Kelley, she continues to carve out her own path, balancing her career with the demands of public attention.

Who is Alisa Mote?

Alisa Bit’s conspicuousness in the public eye to a great extent originates from her relationship with her previous life partner, unscripted television racer Kye Kelley. As a noticeable figure in the vehicle dashing scene, Kelley earned broad respect through his appearances on the famous Disclosure Channel series “Road Fugitives.” 

Bit’s association with Kelley, combined with her experience as a medical caretaker, push her into the spotlight, especially after their marriage. While initially known for her work in healthcare, her relationship with Kelley brought her additional attention and interest from the public. Explore further to delve into the details of Alisa Mote’s journey.

Early life

Alisa Mote’s personal background remains relatively private, with limited information available about her family and upbringing. Born on February 18, 1992, in Gills Burg, Mississippi, she is the daughter of Brenda Martin, though details about her father have yet to surface. Alisa grew up alongside her two siblings: brother John Daniel Mote and sister Crystal Simmons.

For her early education, Alisa attended Parklane Academy before pursuing her high school education at Walden University, where she embarked on her journey to become a nurse. During her time at Walden University, she honed her caregiving skills through internships, preparing herself for a career in healthcare. Following her education, Alisa wasted no time in securing employment at North Oaks Health System in Hammond, Louisiana, where she dedicated herself to providing compassionate nursing care.

Personal life

Alisa Bit’s union with “Road Bandits” star Kye Kelley in August 2015 charmed fans, however unfortunately, the relationship experienced choppiness, prompting their partition following two years in 2017. Before their wedding, the couple had formally declared their commitment on Walk 21, 2014, pleasing their adherents with their obligation to one another. Following their pre-marriage ceremony, they invited their most memorable girl that very year. Notably, Kenadeigh marked Alisa’s first child with Kelley, while Alisa already had a daughter from a previous relationship.

Despite the dissolution of her marriage, Alisa devoted herself to motherhood, taking considerable time before considering another romantic relationship. Embracing her role as a single mother, she cherishes the bond with her daughters, demonstrating a natural affinity for the joys and challenges of raising children alone. While Alisa remains active on social media, sharing glimpses of her life, her thoughts on her current relationship status remain elusive, leaving fans to speculate about her emotional journey.

Her ex husband

Experiencing childhood in Southern Mississippi, Alisa Bit’s significant other fostered an energy for vehicle hustling since early on. His advantage in the game bloomed at 14 years old when he started effectively taking part in races. Reflecting on his early experiences, Kye Kelly reminisced about gatherings at a neighbor’s house, where locals would convene for racing and socializing. 

Despite graduating from high school with a partial scholarship, Kelly faced financial constraints that prevented him from completing his education at junior college. In the interim, he worked in the oil fields while also nurturing his racing ambitions. Eventually, Kelly pursued his dreams further by establishing his own business back in Mississippi, where he originally grew up.

Reason behind divorce

Regardless of the finish of Alisa Bit’s union with Kye Kelley, the specific explanations for their partition remain covered in secret, as the couple picked to keep their own battles out of the public eye. 

While the general population estimates about the conditions prompting their split, the two players have decided not to give any authority explanations with respect to the matter. Interestingly, Kelley wasted no time in publicly showcasing his new relationship shortly after the dissolution of his marriage to Alisa. 

His swift move into another romance, particularly with Lizzy Musi, fueled ongoing rumors that had surfaced even before the divorce proceedings began. Despite the public’s curiosity, Alisa and Kelley have maintained their silence, avoiding media attention and refraining from disclosing any details about their separation.

Untold Truth about Alisa Mote; Kye Kelly Ex Wife Wiki, Bio, Age, Now

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Where is Alisa Mote Now? What happened to her after their divorce from married life with Kye Kelly? Find out the answers along with other untold facts about her life from everything we know about her from her bio in the video above.


Alisa Mote’s rise to prominence stemmed from her association with her well-known partner rather than from her own professional accolades. Unlike some high-profile figures who have made their mark through notable careers or business ventures, Mote’s professional background primarily centered around her work as a nurse. 

After completing her education and securing employment in the nursing field, she demonstrated her compassionate nature while working at the North Oak Health System in Louisiana. However, upon entering into a relationship with Kye Kelley, Mote made the decision to step away from her nursing career to fully embrace life alongside her husband. This shift marked a significant transition in her professional trajectory, as she chose to prioritize her personal life and the experiences it offered over her career in healthcare.

Net worth

While Alisa Bit’s proficient foundation stays undisclosed, her ex Kye Kelley has gathered consideration in the hustling scene, storing up an expected total assets of $500,000. As the star of Road Criminals, Kelley procures a significant compensation of $150,000. 

His monetary portfolio reaches out past his TV profit, as he additionally produces pay through his contribution in vehicle hustling occasions. Remarkably, Kelley made $16,000 from a money prize at a vehicle race in Texas in 2015, further adding to his general riches. 

Moreover, Kelley drives the New Orleans Racers and has wandered into business venture by opening a presentation shop in his old neighborhood, displaying his diverse way to deal with progress inside the hustling business.

Social media

Alisa Bit has laid down a good foundation for herself as a striking presence via web-based entertainment stages, especially on Instagram, where she much of the time imparts looks at her life to her gave devotees.

Regardless of keeping a degree of security encompassing her own issues, Bit stays straightforward about her excursion as a mother, frequently displaying inspiring minutes enjoyed with her little girl. Her Instagram feed is decorated with photos catching their experiences together, outlining the connection among mother and kid. With an inexact fan following of 3819 on her authority Instagram account, Bit’s posts reverberate with fans who value her authentic and ardent depiction of parenthood.


Alisa Mote rose to prominence through her marriage to reality TV racer Kye Kelley. While her specific profession remains undisclosed, she has a background in nursing.Alisa shares parts of her life, especially her encounters as a mother, on her Instagram account. Her ex, Kye Kelley, has an expected total assets of $500,000, acquired through his dashing profession and undertakings.


  • Alisa Mote gained fame through her association with her ex-husband, reality TV racer Kye Kelley.
  • She has a background in nursing but transitioned away from her career after her marriage to Kelley.
  • Alisa Mote’s personal details, including her profession, parents, and siblings, are relatively private.
  • She shares glimpses of her life, particularly her experiences as a mother, on her Instagram account.
  • Alisa Mote’s exact net worth is unknown, as she is primarily recognized for her connection to Kelley rather than her own professional endeavors.


What is Alisa Mote’s profession?

Alisa Mote’s specific profession is undisclosed, but she has a background in nursing.

What is Alisa Mote’s connection to Kye Kelley?

Alisa Mote gained fame as the ex-wife of reality TV racer Kye Kelley, known for his appearances on the Discovery Channel series “Street Outlaws.”

Does Alisa Mote have any children?

Yes, Alisa Mote has children, including a daughter with Kye Kelley.

What is Kye Kelley’s net worth?

Kye Kelley’s estimated net worth is $500,000, primarily earned through his racing career and business ventures.

Where is Alisa Mote from?

Alisa Mote is from Gills Burg, Mississippi.

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