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Who is Armon Warren Net Worth:Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Career, Family And More


Armon Warren, an unmistakable figure on YouTube and virtual entertainment, is referred to for his multi-layered gifts as a vocalist, vlogger, and content maker. Naturally introduced to a Christian family on May 18, 1997, in Detroit, Michigan, he embraces his American ethnicity and holds sincere convictions in the Christian confidence. At 25 years old in 2022, Armon has proactively left a huge imprint in media outlets, gathering a total assets of $1.2 million. 

Experiencing childhood in Detroit, Armon went to a Neighborhood Secondary School, where he finished his initial training. Following his enthusiasm for turning into an eminent VIP, he sought after advanced education at a neighborhood private college in Detroit, graduating decisively. Since early on, Armon held onto fantasies about making notoriety and progress, a fantasy that he has acknowledged through his dazzling internet based presence. With his drawing in happy and enthralling character, Armon has caught the hearts of millions of fans around the world. Through his YouTube channel and online entertainment stages, he proceeds to engage and motivate others while remaining consistent with his underlying foundations and values.

Armon Warren Net Worth

Armon Warren has truly become a force to be reckoned with, building up an impressive net worth of $2 million through his array of talents and ventures. His path as a singer and YouTuber has taken him to remarkable heights, bringing him both widespread recognition and substantial wealth.

Armon’s exceptional abilities and captivating content haven’t just attracted a huge fan base, but they’ve also brought him significant financial prosperity, establishing him as a prominent and influential figure in the world of entertainment.

Who is Armon Warren?

Armon Warren is causing disturbances as a remarkable new ability in the American diversion scene. With a multi-layered profession traversing singing, songwriting, and online entertainment, he’s grabbing the eye of a large number. Armon’s heartfelt interpretations of well known tunes, frequently including his more youthful sibling Three pointer Traylor, have procured him broad approval. 

Their coordinated efforts grandstand their melodic ability as well as major areas of strength for them as kin. Past covers, Armon has written unique hits like “Until the end of time,” “Suffocate,” and “Breakdown,” showing his innovative energy. He’s likewise a recognizable face on the famous YouTube channel “Ar’mon And Three pointer,” where he and Three pointer reliably draw in and engage their steadfast fan base.

Armon Warren Biography

Armon Warren, brought into the world on May 18, 1997, is right now 25 years of age, having experienced childhood in an affectionate Christian family in Detroit, Michigan, USA. He gladly distinguishes as American and holds firm to his Christian confidence. His instructive excursion started at a nearby secondary school in Detroit, where he laid the preparation for his future undertakings. 

Following his energy for diversion, he sought after advanced education at a confidential college in his old neighborhood, procuring his certification. Armon’s yearnings to turn into a commonly recognized name in the US have been with him since youth. At a remarkably early stage in life, he exhibited his gifts through web-based stages, establishing the groundwork for his possible ascent to distinction.


NameArmon Warren
Date of BirthMay 18, 1997
Age25 Years
BirthplaceDetroit, Michigan, United States
ProfessionYouTuber and Social Media Celebrity
Net Worth$1.2 Million
HometownDetroit, Michigan, United States
Zodiac SignTaurus
SchoolLocal High School in Detroit, Michigan, USA
College/UniversityDetroit, Michigan, USA
Educational QualificationsGraduate

Armon Warren Education

Armon Warren, a Detroit native, attended Local High School for both his primary and secondary education.From his early years, Armon dreamed of making a name for himself as a celebrity in the United States. To chase after his dreams, he continued his education at a private university in Detroit, Michigan, where he honed his skills and laid the groundwork for his future endeavors.

Armon Warren Age 

Armon Warren came into the world on May 18, 1997, making him 25 years young.As a Taurus, he’s known for his determination and grounded nature.Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Armon comes from a mixed heritage and proudly holds American nationality.

Armon Warren Height And  Weight

Armon Warren stands tall at 5 feet 8 inches (172 centimeters) and weighs around 138 pounds (63 kilograms), showcasing his lean and agile physique.

Armon Warren Personal Life

Reginae Carter, a talented actress with a strong presence on various social media platforms, is currently in a loving relationship with Armon Warren. Their bond is deep and committed, reflecting the strong connection they share as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Before Reginae, Armon was in a relationship with Esmeralda, who has become quite popular as a social media sensation. They were together from September 2019 until 2020 and during that time, they welcomed their daughter, Legacy, into the world in April 2020, bringing immense joy into their lives.

Armon Warren Family

Armon Warren’s roots run deep in Detroit, Michigan, United States, where he hails from a close-knit family. His father, Mr. Warren, is a businessman, while his mother, Ms. Shiquita Hathaway, takes care of their home. Armon has five siblings, including his brothers Dwight Burton and Trey Traylor, and sisters Princess, Queen, and Tina.

Armon shares a special bond with his younger brother Trey, collaborating on various projects, including their popular joint YouTube channel.

In addition to his family ties, Armon is a proud father to his daughter, Legacy Dior, born in April 2020. Legacy’s mother is Esmeralda Senia Mariee, also known as Mamii_es, a social media star and YouTuber. Their relationship lasted from September 2019 to 2020.Though currently single, Armon embraces his role as a father and treasures the strong connections he shares with his siblings.

Armon Warren Career

Warren’s love for music began at a young age, sparking a passion that would define his career. Teaming up with his younger brother Trey, they launched their own YouTube channel in 2016, sharing cover versions of popular tracks by artists like Usher and Drake.

Their musical journey officially kicked off with their cover of “Kiss it Better,” uploaded on December 17, 2016. The following year, they made waves with their original song “She for Everybody,” featuring Lil Perfect, released under the Yellow Ink label.

In 2018, their momentum only grew stronger as they released hit singles like “Drown,” “Breakdown,” “Forever,” and “Bags Right.” Their talent caught the attention of Warner Brothers, leading to a significant deal and the release of Warren’s debut EP, “Long Story Short.”

In addition to music, Warren has ventured into brand endorsements, collaborating with companies like Versace. Their joint YouTube channel has amassed a substantial following of 3.5 million subscribers, while Warren himself commands over 2.1 million followers on Instagram and has a dedicated fan base of 35.3k on Twitter.

Armon Warren Relationship

Armon Warren hails from a bustling household in Detroit, Michigan. His dad, Mr. Warren, is a savvy businessman, while his mom, Ms. Shiquita Hathaway, keeps the family’s hearth warm as a dedicated homemaker. Armon shares the household with five siblings, including his brothers Dwight Burton and Trey Taylor, who are both significant figures in their own right.

As for his romantic life, Armon is currently flying solo, embracing his single status with gusto. While there aren’t any current flames in his life, Armon keeps the door open for love in the future. Records of his past relationships are a bit scarce, but one notable ex is Esmeralda, affectionately known as mamii_es, a social media sensation. Their love story bloomed in September 2019 and lasted until 2020, culminating in the joyous arrival of their daughter, Legacy, in April 2020.

Who is Armon Warren’s ex-girlfriend?

Armon Warren is currently enjoying his independence after parting ways with his former flame. Before that, he shared a romantic bond with the popular Instagram star and YouTuber, Esmeralda Senia Mariee, affectionately known as Mamii_es.


  • Multi-Talented Artist: 

Armon Warren is not just a singer but also a skilled vlogger and content creator, showcasing his versatility in the entertainment industry.

  • Early Career Start: 

Armon began his career at a young age by collaborating with his brother Trey on their YouTube channel, where they gained popularity with cover songs.

  • Family Collaboration: 

Armon shares a special bond with his brother Trey and often collaborates with him on various projects, including their joint YouTube channel and music compositions.

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: 

In addition to his music career, Armon has ventured into brand endorsements, collaborating with companies like Versace to expand his entrepreneurial endeavors.

  • Social Media Influence: 

Armon has a significant presence on social media platforms, with over 2.1 million followers on Instagram and a dedicated fan base on Twitter, showcasing his influence beyond traditional media.

  • Dedicated Father: 

Despite his busy schedule, Armon prioritizes his role as a father and cherishes his daughter Legacy Dior, born in April 2020, from his previous relationship with Esmeralda Senia Mariee.

  • Continuous Growth: 

Armon’s career trajectory continues to ascend, with notable achievements such as signing a significant deal with Warner Brothers and releasing his debut EP titled “Long Story Short.”

  • Roots in Detroit: 

Armon’s upbringing in Detroit, Michigan, has played a significant role in shaping his identity and career aspirations, instilling in him a strong sense of community and family values.


Armon Warren, born on May 18, 1997, in Detroit, Michigan, USA, is a prominent figure in the YouTube and virtual entertainment scene, known for his versatile talents as a vocalist, vlogger, and content creator. With a net worth of $1.2 million as of 2022, Armon has carved a significant niche for himself in the entertainment industry. He attended a local high school in Detroit for his education and later pursued higher studies at a private university in his hometown.

Armon’s career began with his passion for music, which led him to collaborate with his brother Trey and launch their YouTube channel in 2016. They gained popularity with cover songs and original compositions, earning recognition and a substantial fan base. Armon’s notable works include hits like “Forever,” “Drown,” and “Breakdown,” showcasing his creative prowess.

In addition to his music career, Armon has ventured into brand endorsements and has a significant presence on social media platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. His personal life includes past relationships, notably with Esmeralda, with whom he shares a daughter named Legacy Dior. Currently single, Armon remains dedicated to his family and continues to pursue his passion for music and content creation.


What is Armon Warren’s net worth?

Armon Warren’s net worth is $1.2 million as of 2022.

Where was Armon Warren born?

Armon Warren was born in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

What is Armon Warren’s educational background?

Armon attended a local high school in Detroit and later pursued higher education at a private university in his hometown.

What are Armon Warren’s notable career achievements?

Armon gained recognition for his music covers and original compositions, collaborating with his brother Trey. He has also ventured into brand endorsements and has a significant following on social media.

Who is Armon Warren’s ex-girlfriend?

Armon Warren previously dated Esmeralda Senia Mariee, known as Mamii_es, with whom he shares a daughter named Legacy Dior.

Does Armon Warren have any siblings?

Yes, Armon has five siblings, including his brothers Dwight Burton and Trey Traylor.

Is Armon Warren currently in a relationship?

Armon Warren is currently single but was previously in a relationship with Esmeralda Senia Mariee.

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