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Permit me to present Connie Kline, a lady whose biography resembles a rich embroidery woven with different encounters and unflinching devotion.Brought into the world on Walk 29, 1969, in the core of the US, Connie’s process has been downright an undertaking, set apart by versatility and assurance.She started her expert process by serving her country in the US Flying corps, where she took in the upsides of discipline and authority.

In any case, Connie’s hunger for information and her energy for significantly shaping youthful personalities drove her to seek after a profession as a secondary teacher. In the homeroom, she conferred information as well as imparted upsides of determination and respectability in her understudies.Be that as it may, Connie’s story doesn’t stop there. Energized by her natural drive for progress, she later tracked down her bringing in the field of money, flourishing as a bookkeeper.

Her capacity to adjust and flourish in different conditions says a lot about her flexibility and assurance. In any case, what genuinely push Connie into the spotlight was her relationship with the eminent entertainer Jamie Foxx.Their romantic tale caught the creative mind of many, adding one more aspect to Connie’s now diverse life. Together, they are guardians to a little girl named Corinne Foxx, whose excursion into the universes of acting and displaying has just improved Connie’s inheritance.

Who is Connie Kline?

You might perceive her as the mother of Corinne Foxx, yet Connie Kline is something other than a well known posterity’s parent.She’s a confidential person who suddenly wound up push into the spotlight because of her relationship with entertainer Jamie Foxx. However, underneath the marvelousness and allure, Connie’s life is layered and rich with profundity.

Expertly, she’s a bookkeeper, fastidiously taking care of numbers and monetary issues with accuracy and aptitude. Nonetheless, her most significant job? That without a doubt lies in being a devoted mother to Corinne.It’s the mix of her profession accomplishments and unfaltering obligation to her family that adds such interest and intricacy to Connie’s story.

Connie Kline Biography

Allow me to acquaint you with Connie Kline, a lady with a story as exceptional as her name. Brought into the world on Walk 29, 1976, in the US, Connie’s process has been a progression of surprising exciting bends in the road that have driven her to exceptional spots.

You might have known about her as the previous accomplice of the capable American entertainer and humorist, Jamie Foxx. Be that as it may, before she wound up at the center of attention, Connie’s life was loaded up with experience.

She endured five years serving her country in the US Flying corps, an encounter that without a doubt molded her into the tough lady she is today. After her tactical help, she set out on another test as a secondary teacher, bringing her significant encounters from the military into the homeroom.

Be that as it may, Connie’s story goes past her expert undertakings. She’s likewise the glad mother of Corinne Foxx, a rising star in the realm of acting and demonstrating. Regardless of the highs and lows of her relationship with Foxx, Connie stays committed to giving a cherishing and steady climate for their little girl.

Remaining at 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighing 65 kilograms, Connie’s actual characteristics offer a brief look into the lady behind the name. Her process has been molded by her time in the Air Power, her vocation as a teacher, and the delights of motherhood.While her name might be natural, there’s something else to Connie Kline besides what might be expected.


Full NameConnie Kline
Age54 years old
Date of BirthMarch 29, 1969
ProfessionAir Force, Teacher, Accountant
Eye ColourGray
Hair ColourBlack

Connie Kline Early Life

Connie’s process started in the lively setting of California, a spot overflowing with variety and opportunity.Growing up in a Christian Caucasian family, Connie’s initial years were loaded up with the glow of family bonds and the direction of confidence.

The steadily changing Californian scene assumed a huge part in molding Connie’s strong and decided character.Love, backing, and otherworldliness shaped the foundation of Connie’s childhood, establishing the groundwork for her future as both a devoted mother and an effective expert.

Her instructive way begun in secondary school and finished in her graduation, preparing for a likely profession in accounting.While the particulars of her instructive excursion might remain fairly secretive, Connie’s steadfast obligation to her examinations radiates through in her flourishing vocation as a bookkeeper.

Connie Kline Age 

We should discuss Connie Kline, who entered this world on January 20, 1969, making her 54 years youthful.As she traveled as the years progressed, she accumulated a mother lode of different encounters and accomplishments, forming her into the striking individual she is today.

Connie’s underlying foundations follow back to her Caucasian nationality, indicating her European familial beginnings and legacy.This foundation has woven its direction into her life, impacting her qualities and molding her points of view en route.It’s only one string in the rich embroidered artwork of Connie’s story, adding profundity and intricacy to her entrancing excursion.

Connie Kline Personal Life

Connie’s adoration life has forever been at the center of attention, particularly her getting through association with the famous performer Jamie Foxx.

Their getting through bond has enamored many, offering desire to those exploring love in the occasionally wild universe of Hollywood.Regardless of the consideration their relationship collects, Connie has selected not to stroll down the passageway, focusing on her profession and her job as a mother to her girl, Corinne Foxx.

Connie’s commitment to parenthood radiates through in her relationship with Corinne.As Corinne ventures into her own spotlight, Connie stays an enduring and resolute presence, imparting in her a similar family esteems that molded her own childhood.

Connie Kline Private Life

Connie Kline has excelled at adjusting between open openness and individual security. Her choice to keep specific parts of her life hidden says a lot about her craving for validness and real living.

Exploring the difficulties of notoriety hasn’t been simple, however Connie has confronted media examination with beauty and dignity.Throughout everything, she has remained consistent with herself, exhibiting her strength and genuineness despite consideration and investigation.

Connie Kline Family

Connie Kline’s relational intricacies spin around her association with entertainer Jamie Foxx, and their little girl, Corinne Foxx. Regardless of any highs and lows they might have confronted, Connie and Jamie have focused on a strong relationship for the prosperity of their little girl.

Connie’s obligation to parenthood radiates through in her supporting and empowering presence in Corinne’s life. As Corinne seeks after her fantasies in the diversion world, Connie remains close by, offering direction and backing constantly.

Connie Kline Career

Connie Kline’s excursion through different vocation ways mirrors her adaptability and versatility. She launched her expert life in the US Flying corps, absorbing important examples in discipline and administration en route. Changing into the instruction area, Connie turned into an educator, conferring information as well as significant qualities to her understudies. Her devotion to profoundly shaping youthful personalities was clear in her study hall.

As time went on, Connie wandered into the field of bookkeeping, where she made progress through her versatility and immovable assurance. Each period of her vocation process exhibited her capacity to flourish in assorted proficient conditions, featuring her diverse abilities and obligation to self-improvement.

Connie Kline Net Worth

Connie Kline keeps her monetary matters near the chest, favoring protection over open examination. While there’s no openly available report of her total assets, her way of life recommends an agreeable degree of flourishing, possible coming from her expert undertakings and her associations inside media outlets.

Despite the fact that Connie’s monetary circumstance stays a secret, her previous accomplice, the acclaimed entertainer Jamie Foxx, is known to have amassed a significant fortune of around $170 million. In spite of any private distinctions they might have had, Jamie has kept on supporting Connie, particularly as their little girl has become older.

Reports show that Jamie has been very liberal towards Connie, giving her a Mercedes Benz and an open 5,000-square-foot domain in California, where she at present dwells. This thoughtful gesture says a lot about the getting through bond and backing between them, featuring the benefits of being related with a Hollywood VIP.


  1. Early Life: Connie Kline was born on March 29, 1969, in the US. Raised in California in a Christian Caucasian family, she learned the values of family and faith from an early age.
  2. Military Service: Connie served in the US Air Force for five years, where she learned the importance of discipline and leadership.
  3. Career Transitions: After her military service, Connie pursued a career as a secondary teacher, imparting knowledge and values to her students. She later transitioned into accounting, finding success in the financial field.
  4. Relationship with Jamie Foxx: Connie gained public attention due to her relationship with actor Jamie Foxx. Despite their high-profile romance, Connie has chosen to prioritize her career and role as a mother.
  5. Motherhood: Connie’s dedication to motherhood is evident in her relationship with her daughter, Corinne Foxx, whose journey into the world of acting and modeling has been supported by Connie’s guidance and love.


Connie Kline’s journey is a tapestry woven with diverse experiences and unwavering dedication. From her beginnings in the US Air Force to her career transitions as a teacher and accountant, Connie’s story reflects resilience and determination. Her relationship with renowned actor Jamie Foxx has added another layer to her multifaceted life, but her most important role remains being a devoted mother to her daughter, Corinne Foxx.


What is Connie Kline’s age?

Connie Kline was born on March 29, 1969, making her 54 years old as of 2023.

What is Connie Kline’s profession?

Connie Kline has had a diverse career, including serving in the US Air Force, working as a secondary teacher, and finding success as an accountant.

Who is Connie Kline’s daughter?

Connie Kline’s daughter is Corinne Foxx, who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry as an actress and model.

What is known about Connie Kline’s relationship with Jamie Foxx?

Connie Kline gained public attention due to her relationship with actor Jamie Foxx. While details of their relationship remain private, they share a daughter, Corinne Foxx, and maintain a supportive co-parenting relationship.

Where does Connie Kline currently reside?

Connie Kline currently resides in a spacious estate in California, reportedly gifted to her by Jamie Foxx, showcasing their ongoing support and co-parenting dynamic.

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