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Who is Leanne Goggins? age, biography, net worth and More…

Walton Goggins, the acclaimed American entertainer, has prevailed upon crowds with his flexible exhibitions in hit motion pictures and Network programs like “Supported,” “Trackers,” and “The Safeguard.” Along his excursion, he’s gathered many honors and selections, setting his status in media outlets. Be that as it may, past his expert victories, individuals are captivated by his own life, particularly his most memorable spouse, Leanne Goggins.

Leanne Goggins wasn’t simply one more part in Walton Goggins’ life; she assumed a critical part. Sadly, her story took a heartbreaking turn, leaving many pondering her destiny.

Who is Leanne Goggins?

Leanne Goggins, conceived Leanne Kaun, was the principal spouse of the prestigious Hollywood entertainer and maker Walton Goggins. She appeared on the scene in Canada in 1967, brought into the world to Arnold Kaun and Peggy. While insights concerning her initial life are scanty, it’s accepted that her folks stuck to Christian convictions, and she was raised with those qualities.

Leanne’s life began with a battle as she was brought into the world with jaundice, prompting a viral contamination that tormented her all through her experience growing up. This medical issue expected her PCPs to put her on a severe eating routine to deal with the repetitive diseases. Moreover, her clinical issues stressed her family’s funds and made her miss school a few times. Notwithstanding these difficulties, Leanne continued on to finish her rudimentary and secondary school training. Later on, she got a degree and sought after a lifelong in pet prepping.

Leanne Goggins Biography

Leanne Knight Goggins entered the world in 1967, brought into the world in New Brunswick, Canada. Unfortunately, her life was stopped on November 12, 2004, when she died at 37 years old in Los Angeles, California. She was made due by her folks, Peggy Kaun and Robert Brian Knight, as well as her stepfather, Arnold Kaun, and her sibling, Jason “Jay,” who lives in Australia.

Growing up, Leanne combat with jaundice, a condition described by yellowing of the skin, eyes, and mucous films. This sickness postponed her entrance into school, however she continued on and in the end made up for lost time, zeroing in on her examinations through her school years.

Leanne’s natural dad, Robert Brian Knight, unfortunately died on Walk 26, 2016, at the Dr. Everett Chalmers Medical clinic in New Brunswick, Canada.


Full nameLeanne Knight Goggins
Birth year1967
Died12 November 2004 (aged 37)
Place of birthNew Brunswick, Canada
BuriedAlberta, Canada
Hair colorDark brown
Eye colorBrown
MotherPeggy Kaun
FatherRobert Brian “Bob” Knight
ProfessionDog trainer

Leanne Goggins Education

Following his time at Lithia Springs High School, he set off on his college adventure at Georgia Southern University. There, he dedicated a year to delving deep into his studies and personal development, exploring new realms of knowledge and self-discovery

Leanne Goggins Age

Walton Goggins, born on November 10, 1971, in the vibrant city of Birmingham, Alabama, embodies the enigmatic traits often associated with his zodiac sign, Scorpio. As he approaches his 53rd birthday on November 10th, 2025, his journey continues to captivate and intrigue those around him.

Leanne Goggins Height

Walton Goggins, known for his commanding presence both on and off the screen, stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches.

Leanne Goggins Personal life

Leanne Goggins sealed the deal with entertainer Walton Sanders Goggins Jr., who was brought into the world on November 10, 1971, and hails from Birmingham, Alabama. Walton sought after his schooling at Georgia Southern College yet held onto a profound craving to seek after a lifelong in acting. In light of this objective, he took the action to Los Angeles, where he landed minor jobs in different creations.

Walton’s advancement accompanied his job in the 1990 social liberties film “Murder in Mississippi.” From that point forward, he has cut out an effective vocation in both TV and film. He has showed up in television series, for example, “The Safeguard,” “Legitimized,” “Children of Rebellion,” “VPs,” “CSI: Crime location Examination,” “Six,” and “Criminal Personalities.” Furthermore, Walton has graced the big screen in films like “The Disdainful Eight,” “Django Unchained,” “Cattle rustlers and Outsiders,” “Burial place Looter,” “The Bookkeeper,” and some more.

Leanne Goggins Family

Walton Sanders Goggins Jr., born in Birmingham, Alabama, was greeted into the world with open arms by his parents, Janet Long and Walton Sanders Goggins.Alongside his brother, Sandy Goggins, Walton experienced a childhood filled with abundant love and support.Their upbringing was characterized by familial warmth, nurturing, and encouragement, which undoubtedly played a pivotal role in shaping Walton’s character and nurturing his talents.

Leanne Goggins Career

They have Walton arranged to elegance the little screen in the profoundly expected tragic series “Result.” This grasping variation of the famous computer game establishment vows to enamor crowds with its vivid narrating. In the series, Walton will assume the cryptic job of the Beast, adding profundity and interest to the story.

Nonetheless, Walton’s excursion to conspicuousness isn’t simply characterized by his impending job in “Consequence,” yet additionally by a different scope of encounters. Prior to soaring to Hollywood popularity, he held different positions. He functioned as a valet in a vehicle leaving administration and at a few eateries dispersed all through the clamoring city of Los Angeles.

Walton’s climb to fame picked up additional speed thanks to his champion exhibitions in an amazing cluster of movies and television series. From his depictions of characters in prominent creations, for example, “Murder in Mississippi,” “The Safeguard,” “Legitimized,” “VPs,” and “Diablo,” among others, he has reliably exhibited his momentous reach and flexibility as an entertainer.

Notwithstanding his on-screen attempts, Goggins has additionally wandered into the domain of creation, helping to establish the regarded creation organization Ginny Donkey Pictures. Under his initiative, the organization has delivered a different arrangement of movies, including the widely praised “The Bookkeeper,” a short film that collected far and wide recognition and procured an Institute Grant for Best True to life Short Film.

Leanne Goggins Relationship

As per reports, Leanne and Walton ran into each other in 2000 and immediately hit it off. Following an extended period of dating, the couple chose to seal the deal, with the function occurring not long after Walton completed the process of shooting for the film “Shanghai Early afternoon,” where he featured close by Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson. They were hitched for quite some time before breaks began to show up in their relationship. Sources propose that Leanne turned out to be progressively baffled with Walton’s bustling timetable, and she detested living in Los Angeles.


  • Early Life: Leanne was born in 1967 in New Brunswick, Canada, and battled jaundice throughout her childhood.
  • Education and Career: She completed her education despite health challenges and pursued a career as a dog trainer.
  • Marriage to Walton Goggins: Leanne married actor Walton Goggins in 2000 after meeting him. They faced challenges in their marriage due to Walton’s busy schedule and their dissatisfaction with living in Los Angeles.
  • Tragic Death: Leanne passed away on November 12, 2004, in Los Angeles, at the age of 37.


Leanne Goggins, born Leanne Kaun, was the first wife of actor Walton Goggins. Born in Canada in 1967, she battled health issues from a young age due to jaundice. Despite these challenges, she completed her education and pursued a career as a dog trainer. Leanne met Walton in 2000, and they married after a year. However, their marriage faced challenges due to Walton’s busy schedule and their dissatisfaction with living in Los Angeles. Tragically, Leanne passed away on November 12, 2004, at the age of 37 in Los Angeles.


What was Leanne Goggins’ net worth?

Leanne’s net worth was estimated to be $300,000, which was increased by her husband Walton Goggins’ success in the entertainment industry.

What was Leanne Goggins’ cause of death?

The exact cause of Leanne Goggins’ death has not been publicly disclosed.

What was Leanne Goggins’ occupation?

Leanne pursued a career as a dog trainer.

Where was Leanne Goggins buried?

Leanne Goggins was buried in Alberta, Canada.

When did Leanne Goggins die?

Leanne Goggins passed away on November 12, 2004, at the age of 37.

Did Leanne Goggins have any siblings?

Leanne had a brother named Jason “Jay” who lives in Australia.

What were Leanne Goggins’ parents’ names?

Leanne’s parents were Peggy Kaun and Robert Brian “Bob” Knight.

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