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Who Is Mae Akins Roth? Bio,Height, Education, Career, Net Worth, boyfriend And More

Who Is Mae Akins Roth?

Mae Akins Roth is the girl of Laurie Metcalf, a famous entertainer celebrated for her striking ability and various honors in the film and diversion domain, and Matt Roth, an entertainer situated in the US. Regardless of being naturally introduced to a group of achieved performers, Mae hasn’t set out on her own vocation way right now. 

She’s earned a respect because of her folks’ fruitful undertakings in media outlets, yet she likes to stay under the radar in regards to her own life. Mae hasn’t shared many insights regarding her inclinations or desires, deciding to keep a feeling of protection in the public eye.

Mae Akins Roth Bio

Mae Akins Roth appeared on the scene on July 5, 2005, conceived by means of surrogacy in the US. Her folks are, in all honesty, the acclaimed entertainer Laurie Metcalf and American entertainer Matt Roth. Mae imparts her family to half-kin from her mom’s past relationship, specifically Zoe Perry, Will Theron Roth, and Donovan Roth. Notwithstanding her popular ancestry, Mae’s process is exceptionally her own, molded by the affection and elements inside her loved ones.


First and last nameMae Akins Roth
Date of birthJuly 3, 2005
Age18 years old
Eye colorDark brown
Hair colorBlond
FatherMatthew P. Roth
MotherLaurie Metcalf
SiblingsZoe Perry, Will Theron Roth, Donovon Roth

Mae Akins Roth Education

Details about Mae Akins Roth’s education are not publicly available. Given her age, it’s reasonable to assume that she is currently attending school and dedicating her time to academic studies. Like many young individuals her age, Mae is likely focused on learning and growing in a school environment, exploring various subjects, and discovering her interests and passions.

Height And weight

Mae stands at approximately 168 centimeters tall, which translates to about 5 feet 6 inches, and weighs around 55 kilograms, or roughly 123 pounds.Being young, she appears to maintain a healthy weight. As she grows older, she may consider engaging in activities to further enhance her well-being.Additionally, her measurements are estimated to be around 35-30-34.

Mae Akins Roth Career

At this point, there’s little to share about Mae’s expert process, as she’s still in her childhood and hasn’t wandered into any vocation way yet. Her notoriety originates from her folks’ distinguished lifetimes in the amusement domain. Both her mom, Laurie Metcalf, and her dad, Matt Roth, are regarded figures in the entertainment world. 

Laurie, specifically, has collected inescapable esteem for her exceptional acting ability, procuring honors like three Early evening Emmy Grants and two Tony Grants over her four-very long term profession. Mae is right now committed to her schooling and esteeming important minutes with her loved ones.

Mae Akins Roth Net Worth

Mae Akins Roth’s ascent to conspicuousness is generally ascribed to her folks’ regarded vocations, which is the reason insights concerning her own total assets and expert undertakings stay undisclosed. 

Notwithstanding, her mom, Laurie Metcalf, brags a significant total assets $14 million as of September 2023, albeit the specific figures are as of now being investigated. 

Laurie’s renowned lifetime crossing starting around 1974 has without a doubt added to her riches, situating her as perhaps of the most generously compensated entertainer in America. With such achievement, it’s assessed that Laurie procures no less than $1 million yearly.

Mae Akins Roth Personal Life

Mae Akins Roth appeared on the scene on July 5, 2005, in the US, brought into the caring arms of her folks, the prestigious entertainer Laurie Metcalf and entertainer Matt Roth, through surrogacy. With three half-kin from her mom’s earlier relationship — Zoe Perry, Will Theron Roth, and Donovan Roth — Mae partakes in a mixed relational intricacy. 

In spite of the focus on her folks’ professions, Mae selects to stay quiet about her own life, keeping a degree of security that safeguards her heartfelt undertakings from the public eye. Right now unattached, she commits her opportunity to her examinations and esteeming minutes with her loved ones.]

Mae Akins Roth Boyfriend

Growing up as the offspring of VIPs without a doubt has its advantages. Mae partook in a blissful youth encompassed by her family, lounging in the glow of their adoration. With her folks’ impressive riches, she probably encounters an existence of extravagance. Nonetheless, Mae remains famously private, deciding to keep the subtleties of her own life hidden from everyone else. Her heartfelt history, at various times, remains covered in mystery. 

While it’s not too difficult to imagine that Mae, as a teen, may have encountered youthful love, she’s immovable in her choice to keep those parts of her life out of the public eye. Maybe in time, she’ll decide to share all the more transparently about her own excursion, however until further notice, her heartfelt ventures stay a secret.


Mae Akins Roth, born on July 5, 2005, is the daughter of renowned actress Laurie Metcalf and actor Matt Roth. She emerged into the world through surrogacy, joining a family that includes half-siblings Zoe Perry, Will Theron Roth, and Donovan Roth. Despite her illustrious lineage, Mae keeps a low profile and prefers to maintain privacy regarding her personal life. Currently single, she devotes her time to education and cherishing moments with loved ones.


1. Who are Mae Akins Roth’s parents?

Mae’s parents are actress Laurie Metcalf and actor Matt Roth.

2. Does Mae Akins Roth have siblings?

Yes, Mae has three half-siblings from her mother’s previous relationship named Zoe Perry, Will Theron Roth, and Donovan Roth.

3. What is Mae Akins Roth’s net worth?

Details about Mae’s personal net worth are undisclosed. However, her mother, Laurie Metcalf, has a net worth of $14 million as of September 2023.

4. Is Mae Akins Roth currently in a relationship?

No, Mae is currently single and has not publicly disclosed any romantic relationships.

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