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Mary poole, Bio, Age, Height, Career, Net Worth, And More

Who is Mary Poole?

Mary Poole, brought into the world on the third of October 1958 in London, is an Englishwoman who’s navigated different jobs in the course of her life. Beginning as a model, she graced magazine covers, exemplifying tastefulness and style. Afterward, she changed into nursing, exemplifying sympathy and care for other people, an honorable calling she embraced sincerely.

As a Libra, Mary is frequently connected with characteristics of equilibrium and congruity, which probably impact her collaborations and character. Remaining at 5 feet 6 inches, with spellbinding dull hair and warm earthy colored eyes, Mary has an unmistakable presence, having a permanent impact on those she experiences.

Her excursion from the style of displaying to the charitableness of nursing recommends a complex person, one who values both external magnificence and internal satisfaction. Mary’s class is more than shallow; it’s reflected in her ability to get comfort and help to those need, reflecting the offset related with her zodiac sign.

In the embroidery of her life, Mary winds around strings of beauty, compassion, and versatility, encapsulating the quintessential Englishwoman with a profundity of character that rises above simple appearances.

Mary Poole Biography

Mary Poole, brought into the world on October 3, 1958, in London, Joined Realm, is an Englishwoman of white legacy. As a Libra, she typifies the characteristics of equilibrium and congruity frequently connected with her zodiac sign. Remaining at 5 feet 6 inches tall, with enrapturing dull hair and warm earthy colored eyes, Mary has a recognizable presence. Her excursion through life has driven her to explore different jobs and personalities. At first, she sought after a vocation as a model, gracing the fronts of magazines and spellbinding crowds with her style. Later on, she progressed into the honorable calling of nursing, epitomizing sympathy and care for other people.

Mary’s story mirrors a lady who has embraced change and adjusted to various conditions, all while keeping a feeling of elegance and pride. Her Libra nature probably impacts her collaborations, looking for concordance and decency in her connections. Notwithstanding the various ways she has taken, Mary’s particular presence has an impact on everyone around her, exemplifying the pith of an Englishwoman with profundity and character.

Mary Poole Early Life & Education

Mary Poole, brought into the world on October third, 1958, in Britain, spent her early stages drenched in the rich scenery of her country. Experiencing childhood in Britain gave her an embroidery of encounters that would shape her personality and interests.

As far as schooling, Mary went to St. Wilfrid Complete School, where she shaped a nearby bond with Robert. Their fellowship bloomed during these early years, fortified by shared encounters and common interests. Close by their scholastic interests, they developed areas of enthusiasm that would persevere throughout the long term.

Besides, both Mary and Robert likewise took part in venue school, albeit the subtleties of their time there stay slippery. This feature of their schooling indicates a common love for human expression, recommending potential for future innovative undertakings.

Mary’s life as a youngster and instructive encounters in Britain established the groundwork for the different jobs and encounters she would later experience throughout everyday life. The fellowships framed and interests found during these early stages probably assumed a critical part in molding her excursion ahead.


Full NameMary Theresa Poole
Date of BirthOctober 3, 1958
Place of BirthLondon, United Kingdom
Zodiac SignLibra
Height5 feet 6 inches
Eye ColorWarm brown
Hair ColorDark
Marital StatusMarried to Robert Smith since 1988
SpouseRobert Smith
CareerFormer model, later transitioned to nursing
Notable AchievementsEmbraced a nursing career, supported husband’s music career
Net WorthNot specified, but husband Robert Smith’s net worth is around $25 million as of 2022

Mary Poole Age

Mary Poole, who commended her 65th birthday celebration in 2023, begins from Britain and gladly holds English citizenship. Brought into the world under the fair indication of Libra, she has effortlessly embraced her 60s with both beauty and great wellbeing. Keeping up with wellness and imperativeness at this phase of life can be testing, yet Mary has easily overseen it, oozing a brilliant feeling of wellbeing.

Mary Poole Height

Remaining at a level of 5 feet 6 inches, Mary keeps her weight a secret, holding that detail hidden from everyone else. Her dark hair and warm earthy colored eyes upgrade her appeal, adding to her enamoring presence. Obviously she focuses on taking care of oneself, both inside and remotely, exemplifying the magnificence of her white identity with tastefulness and balance.

Mary Poole Family

Poole and Smith have been joyfully hitched for almost 35 years, and all through their excursion, they’ve pursued the common choice not to have kids. From the very start of their relationship, both concurred that being a parent wasn’t a way they felt attracted to.

Smith, who grew up encompassed by a huge family with 25 nieces and nephews, tracked down satisfaction in the vivacious presence of his kin’s youngsters. His initial encounters profoundly affected his point of view, and he stayed relentless in his choice, transparently communicating it in 2011.

In spite of their decision, Smith profoundly loves Poole and recognizes the significant effect she’s had on his life. He values her relentless help during troublesome times and values her as an undaunted accomplice, crediting her for being his stone all through their relationship.

Mary Poole Husband

Mary Poole and Robert Smith have left on a great excursion together since securing the bunch in 1988. They initially met as young people in a scene class and have been indistinguishable from that point onward. Regardless of their acclaim, they’ve kept their own lives very hidden, not uncovering whether they have youngsters.

Robert, brought into the world on April 21, 1959, is a skilled English performer eminent for helping to establish The Fix back in 1978. In addition to the fact that he is the band’s lead performer and guitarist, but at the same time he’s its essential musician and the main reliable part. His melodic ability broadens further; he additionally invested a few energy as the lead guitarist for Siouxsie and the Banshees in the mid ’80s.

Past his music, Robert is known for his unmistakable style, which lastingly affects the goth subculture of the 1980s. With his pale appearance, spread crimson lipstick, dim eyeliner, and mark all-dark clothing, he’s a symbol by his own doing. In 2019, his commitments to music were formally acknowledged with his acceptance into the Wild Lobby of Acclaim.

Through all the popularity and praise, Mary and Robert’s bond serious areas of strength for stays, demonstration of their getting through romantic tale that started in their adolescent years.

Mary Poole Career

Mary’s process might not have a reasonable beginning stage, yet many accept it started with her displaying gigs. She graced the runways for a couple of years, yet it left her inclination unfulfilled.

Since she was a little kid, nursing had been her obsession. Thus, she settled on the strong choice to abandon the fabulousness of displaying and seek after her fantasy about turning into a medical caretaker.

She ended up in a little medical clinic, where she devoted herself to really focusing on impaired youngsters and others out of luck. The work was requesting, expecting her to take advantage of each and every ounce of actual strength, yet Mary confronted everything sincerely.

In the midst of her difficult vocation, she remained by her beau, Robert Smith, through various challenges. Regardless of his own battles, she stayed steadfast in her help, continuously making time to go to his melodic occasions and go with him on his excursions.

Mary Poole Net Worth

During the 1980s, Poole settled on the choice to find employment elsewhere to completely uphold her better half, who was encountering huge outcome in his music vocation. While her precise total assets is difficult to decide, her better half Robert Smith has amassed a fortune of around $25 million starting around 2022.

Facts about Mary Poole:

  1. Mary Poole was brought into the world on October 3, 1958, in London, Joined Realm.
  2. She is of English identity and white nationality.
  3. Mary remains at a level of 5 feet 6 inches.
  4. She has warm earthy colored eyes and dull hair.
  5. Mary is a Libra, known for her characteristics of equilibrium and congruity.
  6. She wedded Robert Smith, the lead singer and guitarist of The Fix, in 1988.
  7. Mary and Robert have been hitched for almost 35 years and have decided not to have kids.
  8. Mary upheld Robert’s music profession, incorporating his experience with The Fix and Siouxsie and the Banshees.
  9. She progressed from a profession as a model to seek after her energy for nursing.
  10. Mary has kept her own life hidden and away from the public eye.

Summary of Mary Poole:

Mary Poole, brought into the world in 1958 in London, is an Englishwoman known for her union with Robert Smith, the frontman of The Fix. She changed from demonstrating to nursing, showing her obligation to mind and empathy. Mary and Robert have been hitched for north of thirty years and decided not to have kids. Mary’s help has been basic to Robert’s effective music vocation, however she, at the end of the day, remains to a great extent out of the public eye.


Is Mary Poole well known?

Mary Poole is known inside music circles because of her union with Robert Smith, yet she stays under the radar in any case.

Does Mary Poole have youngsters?

No, Mary and Robert Smith have decided not to have youngsters.

What is Mary Poole’s occupation?

Mary progressed from displaying to nursing however found employment elsewhere to help her better half’s music profession.

What is Mary Poole’s total assets?

Mary’s total assets isn’t openly uncovered, however her significant other Robert Smith has an expected total assets of $25 million.

Where is Mary Poole from?

Mary Poole was brought into the world in London, Joined Realm.

How long have Mary Poole and Robert Smith been hitched?

Mary and Robert have been hitched for almost 35 years, securing the bunch in 1988.

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