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Mildred Baena: Net Worth, Bio, Wiki, Married, Kids and More


Mildred Patricia Baena, the 62-year-elderly person, caught the spotlight in 2011 when she conceded her only meeting to Hi! Magazine, revealing her over two-decade residency as a maid at the home of Hollywood symbol Arnold Schwarzenegger during his marriage. Serving inside the family of Schwarzenegger and his then-spouse, Maria Shriver, Baena wound up entangled in a shocking undertaking with the celebrated entertainer and legislator. 

This surreptitious sentiment brought about Baena becoming pregnant with Schwarzenegger’s kid, a child named Joseph Baena. The disclosure of this undertaking sent shockwaves through the media, focusing on the confidential existences of the people in question.

Net worth

Positive outcomes have resulted from the situation, despite the turbulent nature of the relationships involved. Arnold Schwarzenegger assumed liability as a dad as well as for his activities, offering conciliatory sentiments to his ex and family. 

In a token of affirmation and backing, Schwarzenegger bought a home in Bakersfield, California for Mildred Baena, his previous representative and the mother of his kid, under a year prior freely recognizing paternity. This move meant to give solidness and security to Baena and their kid. Following her retirement, Mildred Baena has gathered more than 1,000,000 bucks ($1,000,000) from her long stretches of devoted housekeeping and extra help from Schwarzenegger. 

With this significant total assets, Baena can serenely accommodate herself and her youngster, guaranteeing a safe and prosperous future. Interestingly, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the lead entertainer of “The Hunter,” brags a stunning total assets $400 million. This abundance comes from his profoundly effective profession in acting, weight training, and keen interests in land. Notwithstanding the intricacies of their past, the two players have tracked down monetary strength, but with distinct contrasts in their separate total assets.

Who is Mildred Baena?

Mildred Patricia Baena was brought into the world on Walk 1, 1961, in Guatemala. In 2024, she will turn 63 years old.. Baena has shaped her personal and professional experiences by navigating life with tenacity and resilience. Her excursion from Guatemala to different undertakings in the US mirrors her versatility and strength. Baena’s story fills in as a demonstration of the force of persistence and the limit with respect to development notwithstanding confronting difficulties en route.


Mildred Baena, brought into the world on Walk 1, 1961, in Guatemala, is 63 years of age starting around 2024. She is Evelyn Paena’s daughter, but her father’s identity is still unknown. Mildred and her sister Miriam Paena shared Mildred’s childhood. While her instructive foundation stays private, Mildred Baena’s expert life has been revolved around her job as a maid. 

For more than twenty years, she filled in as the committed servant for acclaimed entertainer Arnold Schwarzenegger and his better half, Maria Shriver. Nonetheless, her work with the Schwarzenegger family turned out to be worldwide known because of the embarrassment including Arnold Schwarzenegger’s undertaking with Mildred, which brought about the introduction of their child, Joseph Baena.


Full NameMildred Patricia Baena
Date of BirthMarch 1, 1961
Place of BirthGuatemala
Age63 years old (as of 2024)
Zodiac SignPisces
ParentsEvelyn Pena
SiblingsMiriam Pena
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusIn a relationship
PartnerAlex Aguilar
ChildrenJoseph Baena and Jackie Rozo
Hair ColourDark brown
Eye ColourDark brown
Famous asArnold Schwarzenegger’s housekeeper

Early life

Mildred Patricia Baena’s childhood in Guatemala established the groundwork for her getting through venture as a confided in maid among Los Angeles’ world class families, finishing in her extensive residency with the Schwarzeneggers. Hailing from Guatemala’s rich social legacy, Baena carried with her the ethos of difficult work and strength, which she consistently coordinated into her life in clamoring Los Angeles. 

Sinking into her new home, she wedded Rogelio Baena, winding around together the texture of her own existence with her thriving profession. In her job as a maid, Baena’s persevering hard working attitude procured her the trust and regard of various unmistakable families. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver were drawn to her unwavering devotion, and they invited her into their home, where she would play an important role for more than two decades. 

Baena’s process embodies a geological change, yet a demonstration of her flexibility, determination, and greatness in a job that requested watchfulness, faithfulness, and immovable responsibility. Her direction from Guatemala’s social woven artwork to the sparkling lights of Los Angeles mirrors her capacity to explore and flourish in assorted conditions, making a permanent imprint on those she served.

Is Mildred Baena married?

Starting around 2024, Mildred Baena is purportedly single, in spite of the fact that bits of hearsay recommend she might be in a committed relationship with Alex Aguilar. Notwithstanding, both Baena and Aguilar have kept a watchful way to deal with their sentiment, getting subtleties far from public investigation. 

Preceding this, Mildred was hitched to Rogelio Baena. In October 1997, their relationship progressed from dating to marriage. Notwithstanding, following 10 years together, Mildred and Rogelio chose to head out in different directions, from their partition happening not long after the introduction of their child, Joseph Baena. Mildred started separate from procedures in 2008, a period during which she was as yet utilized as the maid for the Schwarzenegger family.

Mildred Baena’s Kids

Mildred Baena puts everything she has into being a loving mother to her two children. Her youngster, Joseph Baena, was brought into the world on October 2, 1997, in view of her relationship with the prominent performer Arnold Schwarzenegger. Joseph, by and by 26 years old beginning around 2023, has formed into adulthood under Mildred’s supporting consideration. 

Furthermore, Mildred is the mother of a little girl named Jackie Rozo, brought into the world in 1984 from her union with Rogelio Baena. Jackie, presently 39 years of age, has likewise been a huge piece of Mildred’s life and family.

Personal life

All through the wild excursion that followed the disclosure of her issue with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mildred Patricia Baena remained relentlessly dedicated to her child, Joseph. While media consideration twirled around the Hollywood star and previous Lead representative, Baena’s attention stayed on sustaining and accommodating her youngster away from the public eye. 

North of twenty years have passed since Joseph’s introduction to the world, and Baena’s life has been a calm yet significant excursion of maternal consideration and backing. Her unflinching obligation to Joseph’s childhood is obvious in the existence they’ve fabricated together. Notwithstanding keeping a cloak of security around her own undertakings, it’s realized that Baena sought after her energy for cooking, accomplishing an achievement by moving on from culinary school in 2017. 

This project not only met her own goals, but it also demonstrated her resilience and development, setting a strong example for her son. While the disintegration of her union with Rogelio Baena, energized by questions encompassing Joseph’s paternity, without a doubt introduced difficulties, Baena has exhibited a momentous capacity to push ahead with elegance and assurance. With an expected total assets of $500,000, she has shown that it’s feasible to explore through debate with pride and strength, zeroing in on the main thing: the prosperity and satisfaction of her cherished child, Joseph.

What  Mildred Baena do for  living?

Mildred Baena committed more than twenty years of her expert life as the maid for Arnold Schwarzenegger and his significant other, Maria Shriver. Her residency with the Schwarzenegger family was portrayed by her obligation to keeping up with their home and supporting their loved ones. Mildred earned their trust and respect through her diligent work ethic and unwavering dedication throughout her employment. She played a significant role in the household’s day-to-day operations.


Mildred Patricia Baena, referred to for her job as a confided in servant in the family of Hollywood symbol Arnold Schwarzenegger and his then-spouse Maria Shriver, acquired reputation because of her contribution in a shocking undertaking with Schwarzenegger, bringing about the introduction of their child, Joseph Baena. In spite of the turbulent idea of the connections in question, positive results arose, with Schwarzenegger openly recognizing paternity and offering monetary help, including buying a permanent place to stay for Baena and their kid. Baena’s excursion from Guatemala to her vocation in Los Angeles mirrors her versatility and constancy, with her expert life based on her job as a house cleaner. Baena Rozo’s own life has been examined by general society, however she is as yet centered around supporting her kids, Joseph and Jackie, and she has sought after her enthusiasm for cooking, moving on from culinary school in 2017. Baena, who is said to have a total assets of $500,000, is an illustration of somebody who oversees struggle with pride and strength while putting the prosperity of her family first.


  1. Mildred Patricia Baena was born on March 1, 1961, in Guatemala, making her 63 years old as of 2024.
  2. Baena worked as a maid for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver for over two decades.
  3. She became embroiled in a scandalous affair with Schwarzenegger, resulting in the birth of their son, Joseph Baena, in 1997.
  4. Schwarzenegger publicly acknowledged paternity and provided financial support, including purchasing a home for Baena and Joseph.
  5. Baena has a daughter named Jackie Rozo from her previous marriage to Rogelio Baena.
  6. Despite facing public scrutiny, Baena remains focused on her children’s well-being and pursued her passion for cooking, graduating from culinary school in 2017.
  7. Her estimated net worth is $500,000.


What is Mildred Baena’s net worth?

Mildred Baena’s estimated net worth is $500,000.

How did Mildred Baena become famous?

Mildred Baena gained fame due to her involvement in a scandalous affair with Hollywood actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger, resulting in the birth of their son, Joseph Baena.

How many children does Mildred Baena have?

Mildred Baena has two children: Joseph Baena, born from her affair with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jackie Rozo, from her previous marriage to Rogelio Baena.

What did Mildred Baena do for a living?

Mildred Baena worked as a maid for over twenty years, primarily for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, before retiring. She also pursued her passion for cooking and graduated from culinary school in 2017.

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