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Monica Barbaro isn’t simply a gifted entertainer; she’s an enrapturing presence both on and off the screen. Her excursion into the diversion world began with dance, where she showed effortlessness and ability. But what really caught people’s attention was her effortless transition into acting. With jobs in different movies and television series, Monica has demonstrated her adaptability endlessly time once more.

In any case, it was her depiction of Yael in the well known television series “Stunning” that really slung her into the spotlight. Fans couldn’t get enough of her capacity to rejuvenate complex characters with realness and profundity. Monica prefers to keep her private life out of the public eye despite her growing fame. This demeanor of secret just adds to her appeal, leaving fans inquisitive to dive more deeply into the lady behind the jobs. In any case, one thing is clear:

Monica’s commitment to her specialty radiates through in each job she takes on. Whether it’s a significant part or a minor one, she implants her characters with subtlety and feeling, displaying her ability and enthusiasm for acting. Her journey is a source of motivation for actors all over the world, and she continues to shine on our screens. Her capacity to easily change between various jobs and classes says a lot about her flexibility and reach as an entertainer. With each new venture, Monica charms crowds and cements her status as a rising star in Hollywood.

Who Is Monica Barbaro Husband?

Monica Barbaro’s romantic life has stirred up quite a buzz among fans and the media.While she’s currently believed to be single, there’s been keen interest in her past relationship with Connor Tillman, a talented individual with a knack for acting, filmmaking, writing, and improvisation.Their love story reportedly began in 2014 and was documented through shared moments on social media. However, like many relationships under the spotlight, theirs eventually reached its end, leading to the removal of their photos together.

Despite speculation swirling around, Monica and Connor never walked down the aisle. In 2016, things got a bit confusing when Connor posted a now-deleted photo of him and Monica holding hands, with the caption “Wedding bound.” However, Connor later clarified that the snapshot was taken at his sister’s wedding at The Ridge Tahoe, not their own ceremony. This clarification put an end to the mistaken belief that the two had tied the knot, emphasizing the importance of accurate information when delving into celebrities’ personal lives.


Full/Real nameMonica Maria Barbaro
Nick/Popular nameNikki Glaser
Birth dateJune 17, 1990
BirthplaceSan Francisco, California, U.S.
Current ResidenceLos Angeles, California, United States
Age (As of 2023)33 years old
Zodiac SignGemini
Sexual OrientationStraight
FatherNicholas Barbaro
MotherHeidi Wagner
SiblingsBrother: Michael Barbaro Sister: Eva.B.Duchovny
Marital statusCommitted
Affairs/Boyfriends/Connor Tillman
Famous ForAs an American actress
Hobbies/InterestsTravelling, Swimming
High SchoolTamalpais High School
CollegeNew York University Tisch School of the Arts, Beverly Hills Playhouse
EducationBachelor of Fine Arts in Dance
Years active2013–present
Net Worth$4.5 million

Monica Barbaro Parents, Siblings & Family

Monica Barbaro’s childhood was profoundly formed by her adoring and steady family. Brought into the world to Heidi Wagner and Nicholas Barbaro, Monica grew up close by her sibling Michael Barbaro, who is additionally an entertainer perceived for his jobs in different movies and Programs. Originally from San Francisco, the Barbaro family later relocated to Mill Valley, where Monica spent her formative years. In this supporting climate, Monica ended up submerged in imagination and encompassed by consolation. Her sibling’s interests in acting filled in as a wellspring of motivation, lighting her own energy for the performing expressions. Monica’s family has been her rock throughout her journey, providing unwavering support and fostering a strong sense of connection. Notwithstanding the requests of her vocation, Monica remains well established in her childhood, holding dear the qualities imparted by her loved ones.

Monica Barbaro Ag,e And Early Life

Monica Barbaro, brought into the world on June 17, 1990, in the energetic city of San Francisco, California, typifies the quintessence of a Gemini with her obvious appeal and versatile nature.Her confidence in Christianity and pride in her American ethnicity are key to her personality. Monica’s rich legacy mirrors an embroidery of Italian roots, one-quarter Mexican family, and a mix of German, English, and Welsh heredity.

Monica currently resides in San Francisco, but little is known about her upbringing, and only fragments are available to the general public. However, her excursion into the universe of acting and her resulting ascend to popularity have enamored the hearts of many.

Notwithstanding her big name status, Monica remains solidly grounded, liking to keep her own life safeguarded from the unforgiving glare of the spotlight.Her story is a source of motivation because it exemplifies perseverance and determination to achieve one’s goals.

Monica Barbaro Education

 The path that Monica Barbaro took to become an actor exemplifies her unwavering dedication and unwavering love of the art form. Everything started with her adoration for dance, as she drenched herself in the realm of expressive dance, improving her abilities and supporting her imaginative soul. Her way in the end drove her to New York College’s Tisch School of Human expression, where she sought after a degree in dance. Monica’s horizons widened during her time at Tisch when she took acting elective classes and discovered a new passion for bringing characters to life on screen.

Graduating in 2010 denoted a critical second for Monica, as she pursued the brave choice to turn her concentration towards acting. Getting back to her underlying foundations in San Francisco, she set out on another section in quest for her fantasies. When Monica got her first roles in commercials and short films, it was because of her tenacity and determination that she started to rise in the industry. She enrolled in the renowned Beverly Hills Playhouse acting school with unwavering determination to improve her craft and made connections with professionals in the industry. These early encounters laid the basis for Monica’s thriving acting profession, setting her on a direction towards outcome in the serious universe of diversion.

Monica Barbaro Career

Monica Barbaro’s excursion into acting is a lovely demonstration of the force of following one’s actual calling. Regardless of her underlying devotion to expressive dance, Monica ended up attracted compellingly to the universe of acting. This profound inward force drove her to New York College’s Tisch School of Human expression, where she sought after a degree in dance while humoring her prospering interest in acting through elective courses. After finishing her examinations in 2010, Monica got back to her old neighborhood of San Francisco with a recently discovered assurance to seek after her energy for acting. Her devotion proved to be fruitful quickly as she handled her most memorable business gig and a job in a short film.

These early victories filled in as venturing stones for Monica, opening entryways and preparing for her to interface with a specialist who might direct her through the beginning phases of her acting process. Monica’s climb in the realm of diversion was set apart by a progression of jobs in both film and TV, each adding to the development of her portfolio.

Notwithstanding, it was her dazzling depiction of Yael in the television series “Unbelievable” in 2016 that really pushed her into the spotlight. This breakout job displayed Monica’s irrefutable ability as well as established the groundwork for her resulting achievement, including her profoundly expected job as Lt. Natasha ‘Phoenix’ Follow in “Top Weapon: Nonconformist” in 2022.

Is Monica Barbaro Married?

Monica Barbaro’s love life has piqued the interest of many, although she tends to keep it under wraps. Presently single, Monica was previously involved in a noteworthy relationship with actor Connor Tillman.Their romance, believed to have blossomed around 2014, occasionally made appearances through shared photos on social media, offering fans glimpses into their shared moments. However, as time went by, these traces of their relationship vanished from their Instagram profiles, indicating the end of their romantic journey.

One particular post by Connor in July 2016 stirred up marriage rumors when he shared a photo of him and Monica holding hands with the caption “Wedding bound!” However, he later clarified that the snapshot was taken at his sister’s wedding at The Ridge Tahoe, dispelling any notions of a clandestine wedding between them. Since then, Monica and Connor have gracefully moved on from their relationship, each focusing on their respective pursuits. Despite their romantic history, both are leading fulfilling lives, with Monica dedicated to her acting career and Connor immersed in his creative endeavors.

Who Is Monica Barbaro’s Ex-Boyfriend, Connor Tillman?

Connor Tillman’s excursion in media outlets is however various as it could be entrancing. Before completely jumping into acting, Connor investigated the profundities of the sea as an exploration scuba jumper.

However, he was eventually pulled ashore by his true passion for the stage and screen, which led him to train and perform at well-known theaters like the iO Theater, the Annoyance Theater, and the Second City Chicago. Connor’s dedication to his craft was noticed, and he got roles in various productions at the Annoyance and on house teams at iO and CIC. His ability and flexibility as an entertainer immediately became evident, landing him minor jobs in famous Television programs, for example, “For Individuals,” “Amazing,” and “Dark’s Life structures,” among others.

Notwithstanding, it was his champion presentation in the second time of Apple television In addition to’s acclaimed science fiction show “For All Humanity” that really set his position in the business. With his forthcoming appearance in the dramatization film “The Visually impaired,” Connor proceeds to grandstand his reach and ability, enrapturing crowds with every job he takes on.


  • Birth and Background: Monica Maria Barbaro was born on June 17, 1990, in San Francisco, California, USA. She comes from a diverse ethnic background, with Italian roots, one-quarter Mexican ancestry, and a mix of German, English, and Welsh heritage.
  • Education: Monica pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. During her time at Tisch, she discovered her passion for acting through elective courses.
  • Career Beginnings: Monica made her acting debut in 2012, quickly securing roles in commercials and short films. She later enrolled in the prestigious Beverly Hills Playhouse acting school to further hone her skills.
  • Breakthrough Role: Monica gained widespread recognition for her portrayal of Yael in the TV series “UnREAL” in 2016, showcasing her ability to embody complex characters with authenticity.
  • Versatility: Throughout her career, Monica has demonstrated versatility in various genres and roles, earning acclaim for her performances in both film and television projects.
  • Personal Life: Monica prefers to keep her personal life private, but she was previously in a relationship with actor Connor Tillman. However, they are no longer together.


Monica Barbaro’s journey into the entertainment industry began with a background in dance but quickly evolved into a successful acting career. Her breakthrough role in “UnREAL” catapulted her into the spotlight, showcasing her talent and versatility as an actress. Monica’s dedication to her craft and ability to portray complex characters with authenticity have earned her widespread acclaim and recognition in Hollywood.


Is Monica Barbaro married?

No, Monica Barbaro is currently believed to be single. She was previously in a relationship with actor Connor Tillman, but they are no longer together.

What is Monica Barbaro’s educational background?

Monica Barbaro pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

What is Monica Barbaro’s ethnicity?

Monica Barbaro has Italian roots, one-quarter Mexican ancestry, and a mix of German, English, and Welsh heritage, reflecting her diverse ethnic background.

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