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Who is Ruby Ever Copeland: Bio, Wiki, Age, Education, Career, Net Worth, Family And More


This year, Canadian entertainer and skilled wrestler Adam Copeland joined All Elite Wrestling (AEW).This was a significant move.He wowed WWE fans as Edge for more than two decades, from 1998 to 2023. Copeland had an impressive career that lasted from 1992 to 2023 and made a lasting impression on professional wrestling.Adam Copeland, also known as Edge, has won 31 WWE titles, the most of any wrestler.He is known for his talent and charisma.His presence was felt at a number of WWE pay-per-view events, including the most memorable occurrences at WrestleMania 24 and WrestleMania 37.When he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2012, his contributions to wrestling were acknowledged.He became the first wrestler to win the Royal Rumble immediately after being inducted into the Hall of Fame, marking his second victory in the competition.This was one of the highlights of his career.Edge won the WWF Intercontinental Title, the World Tag Team Title, the World Heavyweight Title, and the WWE Tag Team Title during his illustrious career.In addition, he won the King of the Ring and Money in the Bank, two prestigious titles.Copeland’s accomplishments also include winning his third Grand Slam and 14th Triple Crown.Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) recognized his abilities by awarding him with titles such as Most Improved Grappler, Inspirational Grappler, and Most Hated Grappler of the Year.In addition, PWI ranked him second among the 500 best wrestlers.Adam Copeland’s career in wrestling is a testament to his skill, dedication, and lasting influence on the sport.His ring performances have captivated audiences all over the world.

Adam Copeland’s Married Life and Kids

Adam Copeland has been married three times as of right now. In 2001, he wed for the first time, to Alannah Morley, the sister of WWE wrestler Val Venis. Nevertheless, in 2004 the marriage ended in divorce. In the year that followed their breakup, Copeland started dating Lisa Ortiz, although nothing is known about her since she likes to keep a low profile.In 2005, the relationship with Lisa ended.

Copeland married Beth Phoenix, a former WWE star and Hall of Famer, in 2016.Before they exchanged vows, their relationship had grown over more than ten years. They are contentedly wed as of 2023 and are the proud parents of two kids.

Lyric Rose Copeland

Adam Copeland and Beth Phoenix’s first child, Lyric, holds the title of being the oldest among their kids. Come April 2024, she’ll celebrate her eleventh birthday, having been born in December 2013.

Ruby Copeland’s Obituary

On November 10, 2023, Ruby Joyce Copeland, 82, of Paoli, Indiana, passed away in her hometown. She was born in Chicago, Illinois, on November 17, 1940, to Roy H. and Abbie M. Maupin’s walls. Her parents, son Eric Copeland, grandchildren Triston and Kye Dabney Copeland, brother Mark Walls, and sisters Shelby and Melba Walls all passed away before Ruby. She got her high school diploma from Paoli in 1958 and was previously married to Mr. She had children with Copeland. Ruby was a committed member of Orange County Homemakers, the Paoli Wesleyan Church, and the Paoli Red Hat Society.Ruby retired from her position as 911 Administrator at the Orange County Sheriff’s Department to pursue her interests.She loved to bake and garden, and her yard always had the most stunning flowers in the neighborhood.Ruby enjoyed playing softball and bowling when she was younger. She was well-known for her compassion and willingness to assist those in need at all times.


Full NameRuby Ever Copeland
Famous asAdam Joseph Copeland’s Daughter
Date of BirthMay 31, 2016
Place of BirthUnited States of America
Zodiac SignGemini
OccupationCelebrity Child
Marital StatusSingle
FatherAdam Joseph Copeland
MotherBeth Phoenix
SiblingsLyric Rose Copeland
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue

Ruby Ever Copeland’s Educational Journey

Ruby Ever Copeland is currently a student, but her parents, Edge and Beth Phoenix, have chosen to keep details about her schooling and aspirations confidential. This decision reflects their wish to maintain Ruby’s privacy and keep her personal life out of the public eye.


Ruby Ever Copeland came into the world on May 31, 2016, marking her seven wonderful years of life so far. With her zodiac sign as Gemini, she brings a spark of curiosity and energy to every day. Being born in the United States makes her proudly American by nationality.

Early Life

Ruby Ever Copeland made her entrance into the world on May 31, 2016, right here in the United States. She’s the adorable second child of wrestling icon Beth Phoenix and her husband, Edge Phoenix.

Ruby’s big sister, known affectionately as Lyric Rose Copeland, leads the way in their family. With a heritage that blends Puerto Rican, Irish, and Canadian roots from her mom’s side, Ruby’s ancestry is as diverse as it is fascinating. And with a family filled with love and warmth, Ruby’s growing up surrounded by care and affection.


As a young student, Ruby Ever Copeland’s personal wealth remains unknown. However, her family’s wrestling earnings are quite impressive.

Her dad, Edge, has accumulated an estimated net worth of around $14 million throughout his successful WWE career.Meanwhile, her mom, Beth Phoenix, is reported to have a net worth of $4 million, also from her wrestling endeavors.With parents who are strong role models in both their careers and financial management, Ruby is undoubtedly being guided toward a future filled with financial success. After all, her dad, Adam Joseph Copeland, is a well-known Canadian professional wrestler and actor, better known by his ring name “Edge.”

Ruby Ever Copeland’s Mother: Beth Phoenix

Formerly known as Elizabeth Kocianski, Beth Phoenix has had a successful professional wrestling career.Born in Elmira, New York, USA, on November 24, 1980, Beth became well-known as one of the most successful female wrestlers in WWE history.Because of her dominant presence in the women’s division, Beth gained the moniker “The Glamazon” throughout her career in the WWE, which lasted from 2006 until 2012.In addition to winning the WWE Women’s Championship, she was the three-time WWE Divas Champion.In the ring, Beth stands out for her power, agility, and wrestling skill.After Beth retired from competitive wrestling, she became a WWE programming analyst and commentator.Her place as a renowned personality in the sport has been further cemented by her perceptive analysis and thorough comprehension of the game.

Ruby Ever Copeland’s Career

Ruby Ever Copeland has already made her mark in the WWE community, despite not yet stepping into the ring professionally.She had a heartwarming moment with her dad, Edge, during the 2019 WWE SummerSlam event.It was a touching scene as Edge made his grand return to the ring after a nine-year hiatus due to a neck injury.

The emotional father-daughter moment was captured in the documentary series “Edge: The Second Mountain,” which premiered on the WWE Network. This intimate glimpse into their relationship highlighted the special bond between Edge and Ruby, showcasing their connection beyond the world of wrestling.

Ruby Ever Copeland’s Sibling

Lyric Rose Copeland holds the title of being the oldest daughter of Adam Joseph Copeland and Beth Phoenix.As Ruby’s big sister and only sibling, she plays a significant role in their tight-knit family.

Born on December 12, 2013, Lyric is currently 9 years old. Alongside their parents, Edge and Beth Phoenix, Lyric and Ruby form a close and loving family unit. In Ruby’s life, Lyric serves as a special companion and confidante, sharing in the joys and adventures of growing up together.

Social Media

Ruby Ever Copeland, being a young child, doesn’t engage in social media. Her parents, particularly Edge, her father, prefer to keep her out of the public eye.

However, Edge himself is quite active on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. He enjoys sharing moments from his family life, including photos of Ruby, her sister, and other family adventures.By doing so, he manages to maintain Ruby’s privacy while still giving his fans and followers a peek into his personal world.


  • Birth and Family: 

Ruby Ever Copeland was born on May 31, 2016, in the United States. She is the daughter of renowned WWE wrestlers Adam Copeland (Edge) and Beth Phoenix.

  • Siblings: Ruby has an older sister named Lyric Rose Copeland, born in December 2013. The two share a close bond as siblings.
  • Parental Background: 

Ruby’s father, Adam Copeland, is a Canadian professional wrestler and actor known for his long tenure in WWE. Her mother, Beth Phoenix, also had a successful career in WWE as a professional wrestler.

  • Early Appearances: 

Despite her young age, Ruby Ever Copeland has made appearances alongside her father, Edge, in the WWE community. Notably, she accompanied him at the 2019 WWE SummerSlam event, marking his return to the ring after nine years.

  • Net Worth: 

As a young student, Ruby’s personal wealth is not publicly known. However, her parents, Edge and Beth Phoenix, have accumulated significant wealth from their wrestling careers, with estimated net worths of $14 million and $4 million respectively.


Ruby Ever Copeland, born on May 31, 2016, is the daughter of WWE legends Adam Copeland (Edge) and Beth Phoenix. Alongside her older sister Lyric Rose Copeland, Ruby is growing up in a family deeply rooted in professional wrestling. Despite her young age, Ruby has already made appearances in the WWE community, notably sharing touching moments with her father during his wrestling comeback. While details about her personal life and education remain private, Ruby is undoubtedly being raised in an environment rich with love, support, and wrestling legacy.


How old is Ruby Ever Copeland?

Ruby was born on May 31, 2016, making her seven years old as of April 2024.

Who are Ruby Ever Copeland’s parents?

Ruby’s parents are Adam Copeland (Edge) and Beth Phoenix, both renowned WWE wrestlers.

Does Ruby Ever Copeland have siblings?

Yes, Ruby has an older sister named Lyric Rose Copeland, born in December 2013.

What is Ruby Ever Copeland’s nationality?

Ruby holds American nationality, as she was born in the United States.

Is Ruby Ever Copeland active on social media?

No, Ruby does not use social media platforms as she is still a young child. However, her father, Edge, shares glimpses of their family life on his social media accounts.

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