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Tim Pool, who rose to unmistakable quality during his time at Bad habit media, has since turned into a remarkable figure in the realm of YouTube and reporting. His change from traditional press to autonomous substance creation has caught the interest of crowds around the world, drawing consideration from major worldwide news sources, for example, FastCompany, NBC, The Gatekeeper, The New York Times, and Reuters. Pool’s work remains as a demonstration of the developing scene of media and the rising impact of computerized stages in molding public talk.

Who is Tim Pool?

Tim Pool, warmly known as Tim, is a multi-skilled individual, wearing the caps of columnist, observer, and YouTuber. Brought into the world on Walk 9, 1986, in the clamoring city of Chicago, Tim’s childhood was normal. His father filled in as a fireman while his mother hustled selling vehicles. School didn’t hold his advantage for a really long time; by the youthful age of 14, he said farewell to course books and study halls to pursue his fantasies in the diversion world.

Yet, it was in 2011, in the midst of the enthusiasm of the Possess Money Road dissents, that Tim really did something worth remembering. Furnished with his live-streaming ability, he turned into all the rage, charming crowds and, surprisingly, grabbing the attention of NBC, who included his inclusion. This urgent second prepared for Tim to produce his special way, consistently mixing the domains of social and traditional press in his announcing style.

All through his excursion, Tim has teamed up with powerhouses like Bad habit Media and Combination television, continually pushing the limits of customary news coverage. His commitment and development even procured him a sought after Shorty Grant, perceiving his ability in virtual entertainment news-casting. Be that as it may, Tim didn’t stop there; he wandered into business, sending off his own media adventure, ‘Subverse’. What’s more, kid, did it cause disturbances! Inside a simple 22 hours of sending off, ‘Subverse’ figured out how to round up a faltering $1 million through crowdfunding, leaving jaws dropped and minds blown across the business.

Tim Pool Biography

Timothy Daniel Pool, also called Tim Pool, appeared on the scene on Walk 9, 1986, solidly in the core of Chicago, Illinois. His childhood was normal, with a fireman father and a mother who hustled selling vehicles. School was okay for some time, yet by 5th grade, Tim was wanting something else.

At only 14, he went with the intense choice to seek after his energy for diversion. While chilling with his sibling in Newport News, Virginia, prior to jumping into the Possess Development scene, Tim was tied in with shooting these magnificent skating recordings and playing ceaselessly on his guitar. Life sure does adore tossing shocks as we would prefer, isn’t that so?

Tim Pool Wiki

Full NameTimothy Daniel Pool
Age38 years old
Date of BirthMarch 9, 1986
Birth PlaceChicago, Illinois, United States
Height5 ft 10 in (179 cm)
Weight82 kg (180 lbs)
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
Marital StatusSingle

Tim Pool Age

The famous columnist, savant, and YouTuber Tim Pool is presently 38 years of age. He entered this world on Walk 9, 1986, squarely in the clamoring city of Chicago, Illinois.

Tim Pool Height

Tim Pool, the productive columnist, reporter, and YouTuber, has cut a permanent imprint in the media scene. Conceived Timothy Daniel Pool on Walk 9, 1986, in Chicago, Illinois, he stands tall at five feet ten inches (179 cm). With a profession spreading over different stages, including Bad habit Media and Combination television, Pool has earned inescapable acknowledgment for his shrewd critique and pivotal detailing style. His pioneering soul drove him to send off his own media adventure, ‘Subverse’, which made surprising progress through crowdfunding. Pool keeps on charming crowds with his sharp examination and devotion to free news-casting, hardening his situation as an unmistakable figure in the computerized age.

Tim Pool Family

Tim Pool, hailing from Chicago, Illinois, was supported in a run of the mill working class family. His mom, committed to her specialty, filled in as a vehicle salesman, while his dad chivalrously filled in as a fireman, imparting upsides of difficult work and devotion in Tim since early on. Notwithstanding the unassuming childhood, Tim’s intrinsic interest and drive pushed him forward. His excursion from the roads of Chicago to the front of computerized media is a demonstration of his steady quest for truth and his relentless obligation to free news-casting. Through his work, Tim Pool proceeds to motivate and illuminate crowds around the world.

Tim Pool Personal Life

Tim Pool’s story starts in the core of Chicago, Illinois, where he took his most memorable breath. Brought up in a working class family, his father’s heroics as a fireman and his mother’s hustle selling vehicles molded his qualities. In spite of not being naturally introduced to riches, Tim was powered by a deep yearning to succeed and do right by his folks.

Digging into Tim’s own life resembles breaking a protected; he monitors it wildly. His fans are enthusiastic for insights regarding his adoration life, however Tim keeps his lips fixed. Concerning tales twirling about his sparseness and inclination for caps, Tim disregards them. He’s laser-centered around his work, passing on the tattle to the talk factory.

Tim Pool Career

Back in September 2011, Tim Pool dove carelessly into the turbulent scene of Possess Money Road. There, he met Henry Ship, a previous real estate professional turned business person, and the unique couple birthed a media organization named ‘The Other 99’. Outfitted with only his dependable cell, Tim left on a mission of live-streaming the fights, drawing in with watchers constantly.

Yet, it was in mid-November that things truly increase. Tim pulled off an awe-inspiring 21-hour long distance race covering Possess Money Road’s ousting from Zuccotti Park. His imaginative methodology, mixing live gushing with flying robot film, caused a stir at ‘The Gatekeeper’, starting discussions about the morals of his techniques.

Tim’s captivating film grabbed the eye of significant organizations like NBC, procuring him a selection as a Period 100 character. The Washington Post hailed him for exhibiting the force of live spilling as a new option in contrast to conventional news inclusion.

Following his brilliant ascent, Tim combined efforts with Bad habit Media, where he kept on producing pivotal substance and trailblazer new revealing procedures. Be that as it may, his craving for new adventures exceeded all rational limitations. In 2013 and 2014, he dared to Ukraine to archive the fights that prompted the defeat of the Yanukovych system. Not one to settle for the status quo, he then, at that point, turned his focal point to cover fights in Ferguson, Thailand, Turkey, Egypt, and then some.

His resolute endeavors paid off abundantly. Tim secured the 2013 Shorty Grant for “Best Writer in Virtual Entertainment” and in 2014, he set out on another section with FusionTV, taking on jobs as Overseer of Media Advancement and Senior Journalist. Goodness, and we should not fail to remember his pioneering soul — he even played a part in sending off the photograph watermarking application ‘Taggy.ly’, demonstrating that his imagination has no limits.

Tim Pool Net Worth

Tim Pool’s monetary standing is completely great, bragging a total assets roughly $5 million. Be that as it may, how precisely would he say he is rounding up the batter? Indeed, he’s a man of numerous gifts, shuffling facilitating webcasts, creating YouTube content, sharing his political perspectives, and rehearsing conventional news coverage.

In any case, it was his momentous live transmissions during the 2011 Possess Money Road fights that genuinely impelled him into the spotlight and started significant discussions.

From that point forward, Tim has been crushing endlessly, moving between jobs at Bad habit Media and Combination television while using stages like YouTube to enhance his message. Be that as it may, how about we talk numbers — allegedly he’s pulling in around $500,000 yearly. Not excessively decrepit, correct? The majority of that sweet income originates from his YouTube attempts, where he’s taking advantage of advertisements and sponsorships. With each thousand perspectives, he’s taking a cool $3 to $7. Well that is what I call transforming enthusiasm into benefit!

Tim Pool Assets

Tim’s YouTube directs are certainly acquiring huge amounts of income. We should separate it: his Timcast direct is pulling in roughly $311,800, Timcast IRL is bringing in an incredible $943,000, and, surprisingly, his Cast Palace channel is including another $45,000. Presently, that is the very thing I call some serious bank!

However, it’s not simply publicizing cash filling Tim’s pockets. Between October 2020 and November 2021, Timcast IRL created an amazing $65,824.86 in non-publicizing income across 100 recordings. Discuss differentiating your revenue sources!

Tim’s fleeting ascent as a writer and content maker is genuinely surprising, particularly taking into account he’s not in any event, hitting middle age yet. He’s certainly someone who would merit watching out for in the consistently advancing media scene.

Tim Pool Wife

Tim Pool’s heartfelt life is covered in secret, however word on the road recommends he’s been connected to somebody named Alison Neubauer. While marriage probably won’t be in the short term, it seems Tim has tracked down somebody extraordinary to impart his life to.


  • Early Life and Profession Starting points: Tim Pool, brought into the world on Walk 9, 1986, in Chicago, Illinois, set out on his vocation process early in life, exiting school at 14 to seek after amusement yearnings.
  • Ascend to Unmistakable quality: Pool acquired broad consideration during the Possess Money Road fights in 2011, where his live-streaming inclusion collected huge approval and media acknowledgment.
  • Media Adventures: He has worked with remarkable news sources like Bad habit Media and Combination television, spearheading creative revealing strategies and mixing social and traditional press.
  • Pioneering Adventures: Pool sent off his own media adventure, ‘Subverse,’ which brought $1 million up in only 22 hours through crowdfunding, exhibiting his enterprising ability.
  • YouTube Fame: As a YouTuber, Pool orders a significant crowd across channels like “Cast Palace,” “Timcast IRL,” and “Timcast,” with a consolidated supporter count of 1.35 million.
  • Acknowledgment and Grants: His commitments to online entertainment news-casting acquired him honors, for example, the Shorty Grant for “Best Columnist in Web-based Entertainment” in 2013.
  • Different Revenue Sources: Pool’s total assets, assessed at $5 million, originates from different sources, including facilitating webcasts, making YouTube content, and conventional news-casting.
  • Monetary Accomplishment on YouTube: His YouTube channels produce huge income through advertisements, sponsorships, and non-promoting sources, with Timcast IRL alone creating more than $65,000 in non-publicizing income across 100 recordings.


Chicago local Tim Pool acquired reputation for his imaginative news coverage style, particularly during the 2011 Involve Money Road exhibits. His ascent to acclaim on YouTube from established press exhibits his adaptability and enthusiasm of business. Pool, who has a $5 million total assets, is as yet flourishing in the realm of computerized media, involving different directs to attract watchers and flash fascinating conversations.


What is Tim Pool’s total assets?

Tim Pool’s total assets is assessed to be around $5 million, got from his assorted vocation in media, including facilitating digital broadcasts, making YouTube content, and customary news-casting.

How did Tim Pool acquire popularity?

Pool acquired acclaim through his live-streaming inclusion of the Possess Money Road fights in 2011, which exhibited his creative way to deal with news coverage and gathered consideration from traditional press outlets.

What are Tim Pool’s striking accomplishments?

Tim Pool won the Shorty Grant for “Best Writer in Web-based Entertainment” in 2013 and helped to establish the media adventure ‘Subverse,’ which brought $1 million up in only 22 hours through crowdfunding. Furthermore, his YouTube channels gloat a joined supporter count of 1.35 million.

How does Tim Pool bring in cash?

Tim Pool brings in cash through different channels, including facilitating web recordings, making YouTube content, and customary reporting. His YouTube channels produce income through advertisements, sponsorships, and non-publicizing sources, adding to his assessed total assets of $5 million.

Is Tim Pool’s own life openly known?

Tim Pool keeps his own life hidden, seldom tending to bits of hearsay or hypothesis. While there have been reports about his connections, he keeps an emphasis on his work and expert undertakings.

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